Networking – Strategy and Value for Manufacturers

KCMN September Panel Discussion
Alphapointe – Please note the location change!
KCMN’s annual networking event is always a big draw, but networking doesn’t have to be that event you attend once a year.  With social media, cocktail hours, breakfast meetings, and special events, how does a manufacturer find time to get it all done?  Join our panelists at Alphapointe on September 9 to learn how to build and utilize your network for business growth, and for the benefit of your manufacturing career.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014
7:30 – 9:00 AM, tours available at 9:00 AM
Alphapointe 7501 Prospect  Kansas City, MO

David Cacioppo, President/CEO, emfluence   David will be our panel moderator, and will share his one-to-one marketing philosophy built on three guiding principles: Track. Measure. Improve. David was the recipient of the 2014 Direct Marketer of the Year Award from the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association and is currently the President of the Entrepreneurial Exchange, a Board Member of Children International and is a past Board member of the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, The American Advertising Federation of Kansas City and the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association.
Dave Coughlin, Operations Consultant, Heatron  Dave will share how to build a professional network, some do’s and don’ts, and include an approach to grow and build your network into professional relationships.
Brad Carl, Vice President and COO, Columbia Burlap & Bag Co. – The impact Social Media has on networking, the misperceptions, and how your company could be using it to connect with others and stay in touch with your market.
Chris Klope, Chief Operations Officer, Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Co., LLC   Chris will discuss his perspective on networking as “the new guy in town” and contrast his experience in KC with St. Louis – a very clique-ish metro area that has failed to innovate and grow. He’ll share how he makes time for networking, and how to make a business case for building your network.

Cost is $15 for members and $25 for guests. Guests may attend 2 meetings before having to join as a member. Space is limited, so sign up no later than September5 BY CLICKING HERE  contact Donna Gordon at 816-304-7958, or 

Due to hotel conflicts, thanks to Alphapointe for hosting our meeting! Tours are available for anyone who can stay following our meeting
About Alphapointe and
Alphapointe is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has continued to serve people who are blind and visually impaired in the Kansas City, Missouri community and surrounding region since 1911. Alphapointe is the largest single employer of visually impaired individuals in Missouri, employing 200 + people locally, approximately 115 of which are blind or visually impaired, and is the only comprehensive rehabilitation and education agency for persons with vision loss in the state of Missouri, serving over 5,000 individuals annually.  Alphapointe is ISO-9001:2008 Certified, cGMP compliant.

Our Panelists:
Columbia Burlap & Bag Company began in the early 1950`s by buying and selling used burlap bags. Today, we have locations in North Kansas City, MO Dallas, TX as we continue to build on a 60-year commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction.  Products include burlap bags, rolls, sheets and other burlap products, woven polypropylene products including sand bags and bulk bags and a complete line of wire baskets for the tree growing industry  Columbia`s customers include tree growers, custom tree diggers, nurseries, garden centers and landscape companies and any business or person who needs a bag.

Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Co – HIPPO Multipower began in the 1970s as a hydraulic service company.  The company developed more efficient hydraulic circuits and began the manufacture of Multipower (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic and welding) generators for the US Military.  Following the award of a program of record by the US Army the company transitioned the same technology into the work/service truck industry, railroad maintenance-of-way equipment and most recently co-developed a program with Polaris building the first SUV with a Multipower unit for the commercial agriculture, railroad, energy exploration, and maintenance vehicle industries.

Heatron is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company serving two core business units: Custom Heating Elements (thermal management and heating element design and solutions) and LED Integration (design and manufacture of LED light engine components and full LED light engines). Heatron focuses on building long term relationships with our clients. We are committed to the highest industry standards and remain dedicated to the continuous improvement of thermal management and LED lighting design, manufacturing and assembly solutions.

emfluence is a full service digital marketing agency focused on conversions. We convert strangers into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into evangelists. Part internet technology specialists, part marketing strategists, emfluence is solely focused on helping you grow your business online with less hassle and increasingly better results. Our integrated approach allows us to offer affordable, impactful solutions in local, national and international markets.

Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center and Missouri Enterprise, are our NIST Network Affiliate Sponsors.

Social Media – What Can It Do For Me?

It’s nearly impossible to pick up a business publication and not see a story about social media and its growing prevalence with your customers and your employees, and your kids!  January’s meeting will explore the help behind the hype.  Can social media bring value to a manufacturer who has an overloaded plate already?  Join our 3 speakers in learning about and discussing the value of social media in a manufacturing environment.

  • Which forms of social media are best for your industry?
  • How local manufacturers are using social media today
  • Best practices for utilizing social media in your company
  • Cautions to consider
  • How to evaluate your efforts and make it work for you


Doug Richards, Managing Partner, RH & Associates Social Media –The Evolving Role of New Media

Doug will share his experience of working with companies to develop their social media strategies over the past 5 years.  He will discuss forms of social media, suggest best practices for utilizing social media in a manufacturing environment, share strategies for success and take a look at the future of social media.

Chris Vering, Executive Vice President-COO, CFO, Knit Rite, Inc  How Social Media Is Driving Customer Demand For Niche Medical Products

Chris will provide information on how social media is helping to drive sales of Knit-Rite’s niche medical products into the general retail marketplace.  While using daily actively managed social media, Knit-Rite brands become even more personal and further evolve the company’s image as an innovator that provides solutions to those in need..

Lisa Sizemore, Founder/Owner Hit Resultz – How Torotel Products Implemented Social Business

Lisa will share Torotel Products’ story how they have incorporated Social Media/Social Business into their manufacturing business. She will include the surprises and successes they have discovered implementing this new way of thinking about and conducting business.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
7:30-9:00 a.m.
Hilton Garden
501 Minnesota, Kansas City, Kansas

Cost is $15 for members and $25 for guests. Guests may attend 2 meetings before having to join as a member.  Sign up by January 7 by clicking here , or contact Donna Gordon.

Our founding sponsors, Mid America Manufacturing and Technology Center (MAMTC) and Missouri Enterprise, will be our sponsors for this event. The event is open to area manufacturers and their suppliers. We invite you to join with us to make KCMN the premier resource for manufacturers.
Due to our need to cover the event costs, no shows will be billed. Cancellations will be accepted no later than 3 business days prior to an event. Cancellations of reservations paid by credit card will be assessed a $10 processing fee by the registration service, or contact us for event credit for a future event. You may register as a guest for up to 2 events before membership is required. For questions or comments, please contact Donna Gordon.

About our Speakers:
Doug Richards – Managing Partner, RH & Associates
As managing partner of RH & Associates, Doug works as an author, professional speaker and futurist. Doug has a diverse professional history – author, chef, teacher, coach, entrepreneur and multimedia developer are just some of the roles Doug has taken in his career path. Doug is a self-described ‘second generation nerd’ who views technology not as a necessary evil but rather a tool for semantic change. In 2004, he left his role in online development for the Sprint University of Excellence, and spent five years researching social media and counseling launch teams for start up in sales and process improvement. He applied his experience to his role today at RH & Associates, which specializes in utilizing social business technology to help their clients create time and mobility. His next book, Free for All is due for release in early spring 2011.

Lisa Sizemore – Founder/Owner Hit Resultz and Social Business Champion for Torotel Products

Lisa is the founder and owner of local consulting company, Hit Resultz. She is an experienced business owner, speaker, and facilitator on strategic internet strategy, strategic business and life planning, social media and team dynamics. Torotel Products, which began in 1956, is now a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of more than 32,000 custom assemblies and magnetic components for defense/aerospace, commercial and alternative energy industries using both client “recipes” and black box design parameters. They’ve recently doubled their manufacturing capacity and are excited about the future.

Chris Vering – Executive Vice President-COO, CFO, Knit Rite, Inc.

Knit-Rite, Inc. ( is a leading designer, marketer, and manufacturer of innovative textiles for both consumer and medical markets including prosthetics, orthotics, vascular support and footcare. Founded in 1923, Knit-Rite remains committed to the continued research and development and manufacturing of products that deliver healthy benefits for a better quality of life. Chris Vering has been with Knit-Rite since 1999, with operational oversight for Knit-Rite’s plants in Kansas City and North Carolina, along with all finance functions and Knit-Rite’s direct to consumer marketing.