A&E Endorses Work with KCKCC-TEC

I am writing to thank KCKCC-TEC, Mark Moehlman, you and your staff for the great work in completing the customized beginner and advanced Laser training for A & E Custom Manufacturing last December, 2014.

As we are aware it was a long process from letter writing and attaining the grants for funding, to picking the appropriate equipment, purchasing the equipment, installing the equipment, training the trainer and setting the curriculum for the classes. I assume it was an enormous task to accomplish these tasks while moving to a new location and continuing to educate students, all simultaneously.

I am happy to report, in the short time since completing the training our beginning laser operators have been applying their new skills and we are seeing great results. One student that had not operated a Laser prior to the training is now running a dual 4000 watt laser cell with full automation. I am told from several of my more experience Laser Techs that the information on advanced cutting condition was extremely helpful. We also have had a beginner student with minimal experience advance to the EMLK Laser/Punch Combination machine with success.

I know that the training received from KCKCC-TEC had a big part in accelerating our employee’s advancement in machine operating experience. With this success we look forward to more training with new operators in the future.

We are also excited about the possibility of KCKCC-TEC adding Press Brake training to their curriculum. This training is a service we could utilize immediately. A&E is on call to help in any way we can to realize this training.

Thank you.

John Jaixen

General Manager

A&E Custom Mfg.