Congratulations to our Emerging Leaders

Twenty eight participants from 16 area manufacturing companies were recognized for completing the Tier 1 Emerging Leaders program in early June 2015.  The Emerging Leaders Program is a joint effort of KCMN, the Kansas City Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association, and Johnson County Community College.   The goal of the program is to provide a foundation for learning the basic concepts of Leadership in a setting that encourages support and application of the concepts taught. Participants were provided with a blend of classroom instruction, materials to utilize/retain the concepts taught, and an opportunity to apply what is learned in their workplaces. Sharing of successes, lessons learned and challenges was both encouraged and part of the curriculum in order to encourage accountability.

Sessions covered Performance Management, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Delegation, Goal Setting, and Cross Generational Motivation and Cultural Alignment.   Ben Troja, KCMN advisory board member, and champion for the development of this group, addressed the class at the concluding presentation, thanking them for their efforts to continue their education and growth. Ben noted that manufacturing’s growth hinges on the ability of effective leadership to manage that growth; and that their participation shows their dedication to making things happen in their companies.

Emerging Leaders Tier 1 June 2015 crop