Previous Meeting Topics

To get an idea of the kinds of topics and forums we present, you can review our previous meeting topics.

Planning for Success: Robbie Presentation and Tour
September 2010

Kansas City Manufacturing Network and Robbie Fantastic Flexibles will be hosting a discussion and tour focused on their strategic planning and budgeting process, along with how to use those to drive business results. The tour and discussion will focus on:

* Overview of our short-term and long-term strategic planning process

* Turning our short-term strategic plan into annual business plans and goals

* Quick overview of our budgeting process

* Driving annual business plans and goals through our accountability culture/structure.

5S: 15% Technique, 85% People
June 2010

While 5S is a basic Lean tool, it is one that most companies find themselves reaching for on a regular basis. Even if you’ve utilized 5S philosophy in your plant, sustaining those principals and continuing to hone your approach can be a challenge.

Lessons Learned: Discussions for a Changing Landscape
May 2010

Manufacturers continue to face the challenges that come with operating in a changing business climate. Recessionary pressures, employment challenges and legislative issues complicate the process of improving operations. Share your strategies for dealing with the current environment, and learn what is working for other manufacturers in the same boat. KCMN’s May meeting will feature discussion leaders who will help facilitate the discussion and add valuable insight to the topic.

Hallmark Plant Tour: Getting Everyone on the Same Page
April 2010

For 100 years, Hallmark Cards Inc. has been helping people make meaningful connections that enhance relationships and enrich lives. Come see how their Lean Manufacturing, Planning and Execution Division has applied Lean to creative, transactional and manufacturing operations.

Panel Discussion: Lean Beyond the Plant Floor
March 2010

The principles that have driven increased efficiency and productivity on the shop floor have resulted in a stronger organization, but ‘are we there yet’? To maximize the benefits of Lean in your organization requires the whole what’s the problem? Join KCMN panelists as they discuss the challenges, benefits and successes of an enterprise-wide lean implementation.

Quality Challenges – Where Do We Go From Here: Heatron Plant Tour
February 2010

The tour will focus on the Quality “Management” Systems Heatron utilizes to serve over 30 different markets including medical, semiconductor, and lighting. Heatron has been ISO registered since 1997, but its customers are moving from quality systems requirements to business systems requirements with less reliance on ISO standards. Learn how they are meeting those demands and taking Quality to a new level.

Legislative Update: Critical Issues for Manufacturers
January 2010

With the rapid pace of new legislation comes new issues and opportunities for manufacturing companies. What you don’t know CAN hurt you. Begin the new year with three speakers who will update us on new and pending legislation, court decisions and regulations that can impact your business. Join KCMN on Tuesday January 12, 2010 from 7:30am to 9:00am at the Hilton Garden Inn in Kansas City, KS for this informative breakfast meeting.

2009 Topics

Lean in the Real World Series

November – Lessons Learned in Lean

October – Lean Discussion Groups

September – Milbank plant tour

June – Cellular Manufacturing: Brunson Instrument Company Plant Tour

May – Surviving a Downturn Stories from the Trenches: Panel Discussion

April – Lean Journey: Holland 1916 Plant Tour

March – Show Me the Money: Resources for Manufacturers

February – Pain Management: Keeping Healthcare Costs Under Control

January – Resources to Help You Keep Your People