Manufacturing Innovation: The Industry Shift

KCMN March Meeting – GENESYS Systems Integrator Plant Tour
Using core principles of information management, continuous improvement, and a culture of wellness; GENESYS has earned recognitions and awards from Fortune 500 clients and the Kansas City community over the last 18 years. Members of our leadership team will share some of our tools and philosophies that have helped us achieve success as a systems integrator and set GENESYS apart for our next evolution as a technology enabler. They will also discuss how GENESYS is applying its strengths to new industries and business models in order to elevate entrepreneurs and transform industries.
March 8th 7:30am to 9:00am.
3210 East 85th Street
Kansas City, MO 64132

This tour has limited capacity, and is open to members only through February 9, after which we will open up to guest. Cost is $20 for members, $25 for manufacturing company guests, and $50 for non manufacturing company guests. Guests may attend 2 meetings before having to join as a member.  Sign up today at BY CLICKING HERE  or contact Donna Gordon at 816-304-7958, or

Please wear closed toed shoes.   GENESYS has plenty of parking and guests can come in through the front entrance.


GENESYS LogoManufacturing–once very innovative–has gradually been squeezed into a consistent, generic process in the race to the lowest price point.  Compounding pressures have caused value to be defined in terms of efficiencies focused on near-term results.  But that doesn’t best serve the customer or industry.  As our grandfathers’ and great-grandfathers’ legacies demonstrate, true value lies in the ability to innovate.
GENESYS Systems Integrator began 18 years ago as the solution to a problem for two suddenly unemployed brothers. GENESYS has since become a Technology Enabler for a broad range of entrepreneurs, inventors, Fortune 500 companies, and small-to-medium manufacturers with growth potential. They deliver value-based, turn-key service on production and development of capital improvements, equipment, and processes for your dream. CEO Matthew Perry was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 for the Central Midwest Region.
GENESYS is known in the manufacturing world as a trusted point of contact from ideation to production. Expandable teams and networks of tribal knowledge across industries let GENESYS repeatedly generate an edge for their clients, often with innovations that can’t be found elsewhere. Frequently, clients become friends, competitors become suppliers, and GENESYS becomes a hero.

Lessons Learned on the Front Lines of Product Development

KCMN February Meeting

New product development can mean new customers, new revenue and can be the lifeblood for businesses in flat or declining markets. However, the process requires new thinking, new strategies, and also new headaches.  Join us for our February meeting where our panelists will walk you through their development process, and share their lessons learned along the way.

Pat McKinzie, Panel Moderator, Managing Partner, EC Manufacturing

Jim Stuelke, Principal and CEO, LPF High Performance Coatings and Dyna-Tek

Jason Bridges, Director, Integrated Engineering, Milbank

Stephen Hopkins, President, Shield Casework

Our panelists will share what they’ve learned from their development process, and provide insight on what you can do to breathe life into your product development efforts.

Tuesday, February 9  7:30-9:00 AM
Hilton Garden Inn
520 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas

Cost is $20 for members, $25 for manufacturing company guests, and $50 for non manufacturing company guests. Guests may attend 2 meetings before having to join as a member.  Sign up today BY CLICKING HERE  or contact Donna Gordon at 816-304-7958, or

Our Speakers

Pat McKinzie, Panel Moderator,  Managing Partner, EC Manufacturing and former EVP of Heatron, Inc. – At Heatron, Pat was responsible for product development and commercialization for multiple markets.   He most recently led the launch and growth of ECM from 0 to 600 employees in 24 months producing a new, high volume consumer product.

Stephen Hopkins, President, Shield CaseworkStephen Hopkins blends a unique background of business and design with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Kansas and an Executive MBA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. For three years, Hopkins ran the Innovation Lab at Dimensional Innovations, an award-winning product design studio. Delivering new concepts in multiple markets during his time as Director of Innovation, his successful work included launching multiple products for Fortune 500 companies and unleashing the innovative solid surface healthcare company, Shield Casework. Prior to that, he worked for several architecture and design firms, including Populous, Gould Evans Associates and Ateliers Jean Nouvel.

Jason Bridges, Director, Integrated Engineering, Milbank –   Jason leads Milbank’s effort to develop and lead a high-tech team, creating innovative power management solutions for traditional and emerging green-energy markets. Milbank launched its PowerGen™ division in 2009. The PowerGen™ product line features energy management solutions, transfer switches, generators, and electric vehicle charging equipment, works to advance smart grid initiatives.  Accomplishing this goal has required re-thinking what engineering at Milbank is and redefining our roles and abilities.  Prior to Milbank, Jason served in development leadership at Garmin International and as an engineer at AdTran, a telecommunications company.  He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Communication Theory from Missouri Univerisity of Science and Technology.

Jim Stuelke, Principal and CEO, LPF High Performance Coatings, and Dyna-Tek LPF has been job shop applicator of specialty coatings made by companies like DuPont and Dow for over 55 years. Seeking to better control its own destiny, LPF started a new division in 2012 to focus on the development of nano-ceramic coatings and composite resins with applications in industries like aerospace, firearms, automotive, medical and other sectors. Today with 7 patents filed so far, these efforts have evolved into a new entity; Dyna-Tek ( to commercialize as well expand the R&D of these technologies. To date, Dyna-Tek has signed a joint venture with Nippon Electric Glass to commercialize our composite resins capable of over 1800 deg. F., and an R&D agreement with Kansas State University for coatings used on implants, and cancer fighting drug delivery coatings.